AR Cocktails

Nov 2017 - March 2018
Project Type
School Assignment
Concept iteration, research, prototyping and motion design

During a school project me and a team were assigned to make an interactive experience using augmented reality. We created OrdAR, an interactive experience in which users can create and order their own cocktails with friends in a playful manner. We designed the experience from beginning to end and tested a prototype that users loved.


We started by looking at what sort of people enjoy going to cocktail bars with friends. We went to cocktail bars, conducted surveys and looked at thousands of reviews on cocktail bars. Based on this research we identified that people who go to cocktail bars are generally between 18 and 45 and are looking for something more than just a night out, they value the experience more than the drinks.

Collection of photos taken at cocktail bars for research
We conducted research at multiple cocktail bars

From the research we started brainstorming concepts via customer journeys and scenario acting to design the experience from beginning to end. We also established 3 core values that help us make design decisions:


Stimulate conversation and conviviality.

Core value 1: Social

Challenge users to use their creativity.

Core value 2: Creative

You decide what goes into your cocktail.

Core value 2: Influence
OrdAR customer journey
Via customer journies we iterated the OrdAR concept

We brainstormed ways users can make their own cocktails. Ultimately we decided to go for an interface on a central mirror which shows the available ingredients and the cocktail you are making. Everybody sits around this mirror and takes turns making their own cocktail. This way everyone at the table can see each other and is involved in the cocktail making process.

Different concepts for OrdAR
Explored concepts for how OrdAR works

Users create their cocktail via easy to use and playful hand gestures. We prototyped multiple control methods and while motion controls are not the most precise input method, they are rather fun in nature. We discovered that by limiting the precision when pouring ingredients, it leads to funny and memorable moments. We conducted an A/B test to find the most intuitive gesture set.

OrdAR A/B test gestures

The interface uses a transparent screen placed on top of the mirror. Ingredients are shown as if the user is a bartender. At the bottom the user can see their cocktail and what ingredients it already contains.

OrdAR interface
Users make a thumbs up gesture to confirm their cocktail

The visual design of OrdAR was created to give it a premium look. We also included important touches like a recipe card of your very own cocktail that you get at the end of the experience.

OrdAR logo
Recipe card of your own cocktail

We created a prototype to test the usability of OrdAR and if the experience meets the design goals. We used Unity and a Leap Motion sensor to build a rough version of the experience. Testers could create their cocktails and order them, a bartender would come to their table to mix them.

People testing out the prototype
People testing out the prototype


At the end of the project we worked out the complete flow of OrdAR. We created a trailer to show off what an ideal version looks like. The trailer was created within 4 days including storyboards, filming and animating.


Testers were very positive when trying out OrdAR. All testers enjoyed making their own cocktails and watching others do the same. We found that the prototype led to a lot of conversation and fun between testers.

One thing I regret from this project is not making a prototype earlier on in the process so we could refine the design.